The difference Fairtrade makes

Whether you work for a jewellery brand, retailer or manufacturer, from the smallest designer to the largest chain on the high street understanding where the gold in your collections comes from is vital.

Customers are increasingly interested in the origin of the gold they buy and you need to be prepared to answer their questions.

How can this course help?

Selling jewellery made from Fairtrade Gold shows that your business is dedicated to making a difference to the lives of gold miners, and this is something you can be proud of.

Taking this course will help you understand the benefits of Fairtrade Gold so that you can talk confidently to your customers. You’ll learn about the challenges facing miners, the difference Fairtrade makes, and how to use Fairtrade Gold as a way to engage customers and drive sales.

It will also help you answer questions like:

  • How do you know which jewellery contains Fairtrade Gold?
  • Where does the rest of the gold in your jewellery come from and does it have a negative impact on people and planet?
  • Why aren’t other jewellery materials Fairtrade?
  • Does Fairtrade Gold cost more than gold from other sources?

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You’ll need to finish each module, including a quiz, to move on to the next. Complete all five to be awarded your Sales Ambassador certificate. Have fun and good luck!

Complete all five modules to receive your Sales Ambassador certificate. Once accredited you can take the Fairtrade message with you throughout your career.

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The Fairtrade Gold Story

Fairtrade support miners in developing countries to improve their working conditions, protect the environment and secure a fairer deal for the gold they mine.

When people buy jewellery with the FAIRTRADE Gold Mark, mining communities can tackle some of the issues they face, build better lives and invest in the future. Watch our short film to learn more.